Sunday, January 15, 2017

Over invested in rental cars and taxis

This happen because these businesses were overly optimistic in the future and over invested. It could not be avoided because it was impossible to get timely data plus investing in vehicles involved some lead time. Where is the regulator who is tasked with seeing the big picture and guiding this? LTA regularly get blamed and they must be very sick and tired of it.

Regulators are scared stiff about getting this wrong and guess what? They are likely to get it wrong. You cannot bring your academic models and theories to understand road transport issues which are complex and constantly changing. In the end the least evil approach from the perspective of protecting their careers is to react to problems than the terribly difficult task of avoiding problems and never getting credit for it, the same "mistake" Obama made in foreign policy which actually showed him to be more patriotic and courageous than most presidents. Of course Kissinger is unhappy with him for that: a foreign policy of avoiding problems and "don’t do stupid things" which his detractors took advantage to ridicule him. He inherited the stupid things Cheney-Bush and the neo-cons got America into in Iraq.....but the Iran deal and TPP were bold moves, which is being undone by the feckless Trump. 

LTA must be motivated even more to work to avoid problems. They will be praised for upgrading the intelligence of the transport system but nobody feels motivated to overly invest themselves in the thankless task of avoiding problems. 

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