Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dismiss or accept Trump's call?

Got an early morning call from Trump! Actually it was just my friend silly Whatsapp message with a photo of Trump and the phone ringing in the background.

Will you take his call? Of course! But I can't because he will never call me.

My friend wished Trump would be a failed president but I told him that is not a good idea because we would all suffer big time. Neither is it an attractive prospect if Trump succeeds then all the dishonest, narcissistic demagogues everywhere will stand and might win many elections. If such types also come to power here, I think SG is finished.

Remember character is destiny but unfortunately it is not always true unless taken over infinite time. This con artist might yet succeed.

So what is best is a mediocre president Trump and how likely is that?

My worst fear is massive destructive failure accompanied by wars everywhere which will come after Trump succeeded because in this scenario the many demagogues that will follow after him will bring this world to an end. Want to have an idea what such a world would be like? Just look at human history when the rulers were monarchs, the global dystopia. Fortunately for civilization these kings and emperors only had for weapons whatever that could be made with iron and steel. Imagine if they had nuclear weapons like we do.

For our children's future a mediocre Trump presidency is the least worst outcome. For Singapore that is not good enough unless Trump succeeded at giving China so much problems she fails to implement her version of  the Monroe Doctrine in our neighborhood.

Not likely to do well and only looking to survive the next four years, but the hardship might be mitigated if the Chinese export their factories to our region, taking our commodities as well and we somehow in embracing them economically are still able to resist them in security matters. We will need a lot of luck to get this outcome because overwhelmingly we are price takers and ASEAN have never been as divided as now.

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