Sunday, October 23, 2016

Waiting for Brexit to bite

I am watching for foolish consequences of Brexit to be felt by the British public. The sooner the better so that public opinion might have a change of heart before Article 50 could be issued.

The world can afford to let the UK indulge in this foolish experiment and learn at their expense but not if America was experimenting as well. Good to see that Trump chances of winning the Oval Office has become very small. He is the worst of the four or five candidates.

It is sad to see how gutted the UK political class have become but I think there is no way for them to learn their lesson except by the hard way. Of course on paper we are at least if not more vulnerable than the UK. There is no guarantee that we will not quickly trip up ourselves. We have a tricky time navigating the complex changes happening now. I think this government notice what is going on but I am not sure if they are making sense of all the developments. They are still good at framing the questions but I am not as confident about them coming up with the answers. At least never be wishful and weak like their British counterparts.

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  1. A case of dog bark the wrong elephant in the room