Saturday, October 15, 2016

US Politics: Going low before going high

The Economist graced its cover with this picture. I have added a poor imitation of Natgeo yellow window in case people stray into my corner, see this and is too obtuse to understand. By the way the elephant is the US Republican party or the GOP.

Michelle Obama put it best when she said, "when they go low, we go high" That is a strategy of optimism in the American people, the acme of skill which Sun Zi would be proud of. Letting the enemy destroy himself because he keeps digging his own grave or buying more rope to hang himself.

In any society there will always be a minority who cannot be persuaded to avoid a stupid course of action. These people can only learn the important lessons the hard way. America's advantage is that it has the wherewithal to allow such lessons to be learned and bounce back. Not so for us. In this sense I do not share the Economist pessimism.

If the GOP lost both the House and Senate next month, we know the learning process has gone farther and faster. Otherwise we would simply have to be more patient.

Update: Oct 17 12:45 pm

This is what The Donald excels at: going lower. If you dare to bring him down, he will respond by going even lower. In a way he is daring you to go there but Michelle Obama is right that each time we must go higher. He is simply making more people disgusted with him and they will talk to him with their votes against him. Just watch and see.

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