Thursday, October 13, 2016

Syrian White Helmets and Online Gambling here

Just come across this: the Syrian White Helmets. Their job is to save Syrian lives amid the devastation of the civil war.

This is a job best done by those who live there. Of course outsiders can try to help but you must be prepared to risk you life. See TIME story.

But why am I blogging about this? It is about the NCCS and the Catholic Church opposition to legalizing online gambling in Singapore. But where is the connection?

Don't tell the government what to do about online gambling as that is easy. Stop your church members from online gambling. Help to solve the social problem by helping to make online gambling here less profitable and then unprofitable and then socially unacceptable.

Do not fall into the same error like Dr. James Dobson and his ilk at Focus on the Family. Instead of helping their own kind be better citizens by becoming better Christians they went to politicize their religion instead. In the process they are making the grave mistake of backing Trump for President.

The Christians here are failing to understand the simple logic the government has given for legalizing online gambling. They are so caught up with the symbolism of offence in the act of public online gambling. They fail to recognize that it is nothing but sanctimony. Therefore it is hypocrisy. It is making the Christian faith unattractive and misrepresenting what it truly stands for.

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