Sunday, October 16, 2016

On Trump: The heart directs the mind

Yahoo republished this from The Atlantic, "A Tale of  Two Trumps"

I am using this to explain that our minds do not think independently or impartially. The mind is directed by the desires of the heart. For example, see this from the article.

That is how one former US marine, a Trump supporter excused Trump horrific speech and probably attacks on women.

This Christian marine desperately want to see conservative judges fill the supreme court bench even when to many of us it is doubtful that Trump were he to become president will give them such judges. Meanwhile he needed to find reasons to excuse the inexcusable from Trump.

Our hearts direct our thoughts. There are limits to persuading people on logic. Closer to home the ministers' effort to persuade Christians about legalizing and limiting online gambling was foreordained to fail. The WP recognized there is much support on the ground against online gambling and duly took advantage of it. Political opportunism.

The ways human hearts lean against logic and empirical evidence is the Achilles heel of Democracy. As and when the conditions are suitable, demagogues will seize power and bring on the age of darkness and repression. Pray Trump does not succeed Obama.

After Trump has failed we can count how many bigots live in America. That number will define the future of the world.

Update: 10:20 pm

Shame on that ex-marine who dared to involve Jesus Christ and Christian values in all these. NYT Nicholas Kristof has made it easiest for me how blind people must be to support Trump (See If Hillary Clinton Grope Men). By the way, Kristof avoided to mention the danger of allowing Trump near those nuclear launch codes. To support Trump is to risk apocalypse.

It is not just double standards but blatant hypocrisy as well.

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