Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SR Nathan: Multimillionaire President I never knew

Two minutes after Today broke the news on Facebook my tablet beeped. Why did I think he was well and good, at home in his house which I sometimes drove by? Only the breaking news reminded that he was hospitalized at SGH. I didn't even remember Joseph Schooling visit him. Now it dawned on me he is someone to know personally and not at a distance. When he was President many of those who do not know him felt he was over paid for the work he did. Now I bet as the media and those who knew him tell their stories of their relationships and encounters with him, folks will know it was never the money.

SR Nathan was to Singapore what Shimon Peres is to Israel isn't it? I don't know, this is only my starting point for getting to know him. What a shame I do not know my President but I think I would over the next few days. Rest in peace Mr. SR Nathan.

No personality cults or myths making here. The stories emerge only after they are gone.

Update: Aug 23 12:55pm

I have hoped someone will offer this photo which I vividly remember and I didn't have to wait long :-)

Update: Aug 23 9:25pm

Another special one popped up and also a re-acquaintance with this word, "sui generis"

See the full tribute here.

Update: Aug 23 9:40 pm

Just stumbled upon this, an email from our consulate when we were living in Dubai. We didn't manage to go in the end but I heard from other Singaporeans who were there the President was very tired and didn't spend much time with them.

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