Friday, August 5, 2016

Replacing the Note 4 battery again

Can't tell when I got the battery that is in my Note 4 now. I only know I bought it at a neighborhood shop and it is less than a year old. I should have blogged about it as now I can't track this. This "new" battery is slightly swollen and I know that because I can no longer do a screen swipe to get a screenshot. That took me a long time to find out when I had the same problem with the original Samsung battery.

Should I upgrade to the Note 7? I haven't been thinking much about this. By and large I am happy with my Note 4 but I found ever since I upgraded the OS it has slowed down. Perhaps I need to clean up the phone and start from factory condition?

I might consider the Note 7 if its camera is much better than the Note 4. The S6 the kids have take very nice photos and I think the S7 must be even better. What about the Note 7?

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