Monday, August 22, 2016

PM gave us a scare

Last night the PM gave us a real scare. On the minds of many our initial reaction must have been associating what was developing with what Heng Swee Keat went through a few months back. But the PM sprung back on his feet after some rest. We were very lucky.

I don't buy Tharman and his colleagues explanation of the PM's condition. Just look across the world to America. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are all older. The rigors of campaigning to be President is worse than any political office here. No trite excuses. This is nothing less than a shot across the bow for us not to take things for granted.

What is the difference between LHL and the other names? It is the many years he has toiled. Look at what eight years have done to Obama. Another four more years were that possible would be ill advised. This job takes a lot out of a person.

We have been put on notice.

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