Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Obama explains why Trump is unfit as President

An off topic question but an extremely vital one President Obama took when facing the media with our PM. Obama painstakingly explained why Trump is unfit to be President.

I can't get the version I first saw which had the reporter's question but this will do.

Here from the anti-Obama media the Fox News channel offering Trump the right of reply but the incompetent Trump just blew it.

The ball is in Trump's court to prove to those undecided if he is unfit to occupy the Oval Office.

Perception matters Trump, you know it better than me. So go and get this right if you can but I don't think you can. From here it is down the slippery slope for you because you can't adapt to changing circumstances and most important you can't control your own impulses. If you were President it is easy to see that you would be the weakest link to American power and influence. The enemies of the US will only need to bait you into financial, economic, diplomatic and military battles of their own time and place. That is serial ambushes on all fronts. What would become of your great country after four years? I think Congress will impeach you even before you get to the end of your first year.

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  1. This is why Obama is great. He replies with clarity and precision. Ditto for Bill Clinton.