Friday, August 19, 2016

Food: Joseph Schooling gets it

It is the food silly! Food is very serious business and I am just glad Joseph Schooling understood and shared that. His choice: dark sauce carrot cake is personal but the concept is completely Singaporean. Our identity begins and evolves from here and I hope one day we have our version of  Thanksgiving Day as well.

If you understand anthropology, religion and culture then you know it begins here. For ancient civilization it is their bread, the sustainer of life. We are modern and our choice is diverse.

Even Jesus said, "I am the bread of life"

Do not underestimate food even from me who basically eat to live and do not even bother to celebrate Chinese New Year ever since my parents passed away.

Excellent shot Seah Kwang Peng.

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  1. Joseph Schooling has star quality. We need people like him to energize Singaporeans. Many youngsters are now dreaming of Olympic Gold. Parents too. Kudos to JIS and his mum and dad.