Saturday, August 6, 2016

Explaining hardcore Trump supporters

I think the Economist gets it and tell it well too. From the email I received from them.

Link to article.

Quoting from the article,

For this correspondent, this distinction was eerily reminiscent of political talk in Russia, from which he reported for a few years in the mid-noughties. There, beneath the veneer of adoration for Vladimir Putin, cynicism reigned. There was no point installing a new cadre of leaders, many people confided, since they would simply start the process of stealing from the state all over again. Many Russians reserved especial scorn for supposedly westernising politicians, who banged on about corruption but were as much on the take, their compatriots thought, as the Rolex-sporting denizens of the Kremlin. The westernisers were crooks too, but dishonest crooks, and thus even more contemptible than the straightforward sort.

These Don lovers do not like Barack Obama as well and I think they won't accept much less vote for a black Abraham Lincoln either. In practical politics they are a lost cause for the Democrats. The strategy is to reduce Trump's supporters to its core which would be insufficient for him to win. The rest of us especially those outside America and in Asia are just appalled at the prospect of a Trump presidency. We mostly think he is unfit for the job of President and a global security risk.

Perhaps Mr Trump’s campaign is on the verge of implosion, as some optimistic commentators and Democrats predict; perhaps another gaffe or two, about veterans or babies—or, indeed, about Mr Putin—will tip him over the edge. On the other hand, that may be wishful thinking; it is equally likely that many of these perceived missteps are not gaffes at all, but conscious moves to reinforce Mr Trump’s image as champion of the people against a rigged, suffocating system. The evidence of the Tennessee general store is that further revelations about his business shenanigans, at least, are unlikely to have much impact. Apparently his fatalistic supporters know what he is, and, if they don’t exactly love him for it, in a face-off with his opponent, they prefer their charlatanry straight
In America today with have pots calling pots or kettles calling kettles black. Your virtue is the other side hypocrisy and vice versa. They should just learn to get along or run the risk of becoming more and more divided. That would simply be priming for another civil war.

There will always at least be a sizable minority whose idea of the future is more or less a repeat of the past. We are facing the same challenge here as well. We are probably moving and changing as fast as we can handle already.

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