Monday, August 29, 2016

Die before it becomes too dreadful

My sis shared this on Facebook a few days ago and I only just read it. Not easy, it will fill you with grief. We do not know how to handled planned death. Many have outsourced this to religion and forget about it until they are terminally ill. As observers we asked what is the point of extreme suffering if there is no return to health. Death ends everything.

Did Lazarus the dead of three days guy in the Bible tell others what he was living through during the time he was dead and buried. Looked like he didn't know what happened, i.e., nothing happened. There was nothing. It could also be the secrets of death must be left behind if one ever return from there.

A mere few decades away we will find ourselves with the means to prolong life but not afford it. What shall we do? I guess we have no choice and it is also a bridge that you can't know what you are talking about until you are about to cross it.

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