Tuesday, August 9, 2016

51st Independance Day: Waiting for the next LKY

Each parade is memorable but there are now fifty of them and humanly speaking you can't remember most of them except their common features. However the 49th would always be remembered as LKY's last one with us.

After George Washington America had to wait for almost a century before Abraham Lincoln and she will have to find another Lincoln some time. Why? Because even if history does not repeat itself it rhymes powerfully. Every modern day President looks to Lincoln for inspiration. We will need another LKY some day. That is just our lot in life. The American story is still very short but just look at Chinese history, to those moments when they had their remarkable emperors or leaders. They are more alike each other than different. Simply put geopolitics creates a unique space for a certain type of leader for each society. Just as Americans saw in their founding fathers, we have ours too.

Majulah Singapura!

Update: 11:50am

The sight of his late father sitting there would be remembered by him at every NDP

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