Friday, November 27, 2015

Understanding China's Military Revamp

I have no time to record everything on my mind about this issue. Mainly for a while I have been trying to make sense of what China is doing claiming much of the South China Sea. I thought it was smarter to do that in the more distant future. I am sure to look at it in Cold War terms is definitely off the mark and I believe as Xi Jinping again reiterated in Singapore recently China's intentions are peaceful.

To me China is mostly inward looking. Anything they do outside China has its reason back home. Just as Zhu Ronji had used the WTO to spur reforms at home, Xi Jinping is doing something similar with the Chinese military by using claims on the islets in the South China Sea to whip their military shipshape. Look even the Russians have quietly reorganized their armed forces which caught the world by surprised when they annexed the Crimea. Everyone is aping the Americans. Understandably the Americans would feel less secure about these developments because the military gap between them and others are narrowing. This will bring about a less posturing US and more cooperation with the rest of the world to achieve common objectives. We read too much American publication without thinking about our own interests.

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  1. And China will remain inward looking for a long time, don't think ccp is really feeling secured about themselves. The pla is a political army first, it remains to be seen if they are able to transfer to a more professional outfit. There is always a fallacy to reading China rise, over estimating?