Friday, November 20, 2015

Population Policy: The PM flipped the prata

The PAP government had flipped the prata on this one because we cannot be persuaded to have more children and a younger demographic profile. In fact their former policy on population gravely offended us. The PM has learned and I wished it had been sooner to make lemonade when politics served him lemons.

WP Chen Show Mao was right about the correct attitude to ageing and the old but the key point is who is going to craft and implement practical policies on the ground?

This is a relative world. What we need to do is cope with ageing better than most countries especially those who have a more advantageous demographic profile. Consider ourselves lucky that China is ageing rapidly as well. If they have the same age profile as Indonesia, it would be impossible to compete with them. As for Indonesia with lots of young people I don't see how they could get their act together when so many are missing out on getting the education they need in the new economy. Ditto India, Africa, Brazil and the unemployable young for the Arab Middle East. These places with an abundance of young blood are still in the process of turning an asset into a liability. Saudi Arabia is obviously unsustainable. In the long run the Saudis versus the Iranians, it is clear the Iranians would win.

To these lame duck countries, their best bet is another time. Let their best and brightest go to America, come to us as well and in another time return to save their country. The regimes they presently suffer under, they have no hope.

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