Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mysterious and tragic death of Catholic High Boy

I think two days ago my daughter told me one of our students returned from a trip to Shanghai and shortly later died. I thought this was most tragic for the family and my thoughts drifted to those who had died in the Mt. Mt Kinabalu earthquake. I even imagine this unfortunate student to be a primary school child.

I was wrong.

I was too busy to learn more until the story begun to appear on Facebook. Today I read he was cremated and I feel a very deep grief for his mother. She is a single parent and Luke Chan was her only child. She shouldn't have but it is perfectly understandable that she is blaming himself for the death of her son (read story). Many people will be praying for her.  You can be sure she will be chronically depressed and frequently suicidal but she will at least keep herself well to learn the cause of death of her son. People following this story should know what to pray for.

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