Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LKY: "I will move my troops in..."

The PM made a big deal of this in his Facebook post. He is not leaving it to the media to carry this for him. What for? The standards of reporting keeps falling. SPH is increasingly losing the appropriate cast of mind writing for Singapore. At the same time he has such a huge following among netizens. Nevertheless he failed to reach me. I first caught wind of this from Shanmugam.

It is already getting clearer why Bilahari Kausikan had been beating the drums so publicly about developments in Malaysia. This is as old and original as engagements in the animal kingdom. You posture first to send a clear message. If the other side crossed the line in the sand you make good your threat.

I think the SG government would love to send a message to Chinese Malaysians that voting for DAP is not in their interest. The Malaysian Malays must not be frightened into playing the race card to protect their position and privilege. If the Malaysian Chinese thought they could recreate Malaysia to be like multiracial and meritocratic Singapore they are sorely mistaken. It will all end in tears or worse. I guess I am observing our government pulling out all stops to make it clear to them because the stakes are so high.

LKY is gone but I have no doubt LHL will do exactly as his late father had warned. Let's try to make that a remote possibility whilst there is still time.

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