Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kong Hee was hoping for a hefty fine

I think no sentence is short enough unless it is a hefty fine. Then CHC members would be happy to cough up the money. He is used to publicly praying but privately using money to solve problems. It is a big problem when the judge says No.

In fact Justice See is already merciful with his judgement. Remember the prosecution had asked for 12 years. Many people were even thinking the prosecutor was asking for too little. I am not a lawyer but I know there are rules about such matters.

Well Kong Hee shouldn't be feeling so sad if he is convinced he is going to prison for Jesus right? In many places, Christians don't even get the chance to go to jail. As near by as Indonesia some are lynched or burned to death. They consider it fortunate if only their homes were razed to the ground and escape with their lives. The problem here I feel is that Kong Hee was all along making use of Christianity to satisfy his ego. It was hard to imagine he was ever a believer because no Christian would try to embarrass Jesus as he had. Remember you aren't so much judged by CHC members as the public. With his wife in charge CHC is totally discredited, there is no need to Crossover.

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  1. Religious power, still potent and some dormant, has been, in principle, dismantled during the age of enlightenment - at least those who subscribe to western political philosophy.

    The religious church, accepted its subjugated state , spiritualised the kingdom of God,and hence, survived and remained useful to the power that be.

    Today, the unlearned bloody lessons of the historical church has exploded in the small city state biggest church. In this case, a member of the divided and "goodie church"( religious Organisation as a whole) overstepped its boundary and touched a very very sensitive area in the heart of political power - treasury or money.

    You see, the spiritual leader's "holy quest"(cross over project) was primarily instructed and commissioned by his God and most importantly, spiritually affirmed(they all heard from God too) by all his supporters - local and worldwide.

    No one, in authority, was honest to confront the "Christian God" issue(prime suspect) or dare to question the irrationality of the faith.

    Hence, "cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee"

    And thus, the political usefulness of the church/religion is in charity(read: money spent in the interest of the state ONLY) and hence, this Organization is regarded and shall remain as "charity"

    Here, an understanding of the root of all evil has opened up. Justice is not satisfied( listen to the ground). The religious deception continues because much money, and forbidden power, is at stake here.

    The earth will continue to quake and rumble.