Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Khaw Boon Wan: Mastering political communication

Looks like Khaw Boon Wan is mastering the art of political communication. It is too bothersome to explain how he is achieving this. You only need to read his latest blog post to understand why. Finally he has also gotten the pulse of most commuters here. Most important he never make any unrealistic promises or at least appear to have made such promises.

Update: Nov 11 8:30 am

I was doing some housekeeping and come across this. How convenient. My point? It was important that Khaw started on the right foot and in the right way. This is a story from October 10. Having done that you just keep building up and that is easy because that is the only way to go when you have hit bottom. In this sense he was fortunate the second time to come take over at the right time. First time lucky succeeding Mah Bow Tan and now Lui Tuck Yew.


  1. He is trying to guilt-trip commuters into accepting sub-standard service.

  2. Yup.. there's things larger than trains but alas seem they can't even solve the smaller thing