Sunday, November 15, 2015

ISIS attacked Paris: Their strategy

The media is overflowing with the recent cowardly act of terrorism on Parisians. This will never be forgotten and so there is no need to blog about it. Besides from time to time we will be reminded of what happened during the eve of this weekend.

How could one of the most policed cities in the world appear to have been attacked so viciously so easily? I think Paris is just very vulnerable. Eventually we will read analyses of that but only up to the point the authorities are sure ISIS already know as well. Then the info is useful to inform and educate the population. A vigilant and cooperative people can do a lot to thwart future attacks.

Did Paris suffer a huge hit from this attack? It could have been much worse. Clearly every venue of attack the objective is to create mayhem at least as grave as the one in Bataclan Theater. Security thwarted that at the national sports stadium. Just imagine the explosives belt had exploded inside the stadium. We will be talking of thousands of deaths now as panicked spectators rushed for the exits.

Therefore security agencies now have big fat hints the preferred targets ISIS will attack and the results they had hoped to achieve. ISIS got far less than what they had planned to wreak on Paris. No wonder they failed to celebrate as expected.

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