Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is he a Christian? From Jimmy Wee to Kong Hee

Came across this story in the ST yesterday. Jimmy Wee has had a hard life solely due to his harmless tumors all over his body. Fortunately for him there are always some of us who would look beyond that and give him the opportunities to make a living.

I admire his fortitude. He didn't want handouts. He wants to earn his own keep.

I don't know how but I hope he stays healthy for a long time.

But why am I blogging about him? It is because he reminds me of the Gospel story. By that standard Kong Hee is not a Christian. But who am I to judge? I told myself, just for a moment pretend I am IBM Watson the victorious computer playing Jeopardy and of course Chess. By that Kong Hee is not a Christian.

I have taken the liberty to reproduce a portion from the ST story below.

Modern Christians are really odd. They thank God for saving them from hell but never like Jimmy says as shared by his boss, "...he even asked if I was sure that I would hire someone like that." Christians no longer ask and find it incredible that God will forgive them. Today they see God as Santa Claus giving them health, wealth and happiness. Salvation is a free gift. They have cheapened his grace.

"...he expertly cleaned plate after plate at the back of the restaurant" That is how Jimmy repays the kindness shown him because those who offered him jobs weren't obligated to. They could hire others. As it turns out his boss even defends him against others asking him to be sacked. Christians have no such gratitude except for those politically moments of assent and expression, otherwise they hate and sparingly love like anyone.

"I do not want to embarrass my boss...." Kong Hee has embarrassed Jesus Christ big time. Fortunately many of us can tell the difference between the two.

Here is a repentant John Newton as played by Albert Finney in Amazing Grace. That is how a Christian is born. It is not the Prosperity Gospel way.

Therefore many Christians will not make it and can't really tell who will. Perhaps we can be sure of a few but unsure of the majority eh? E.g., John Newton must have made it right?


  1. Christianity is man made. Good politics, advocated by the word, will save the world. Christianity is not good politics. Christianity is fantasy and dangerous in the Long term.There is no salvation in Christianity, only deception.

  2. God's grace is freely given to all who want to be saved. The tragedy is that many will refuse the gift and choose to worship the idol of self.

  3. we don't label people as good or bad by the religion they profess. In fact many do great injustice to the religious label they create - or purport to lead as preacher, apostle, pastor ... by whatever powerful sounding name.
    Work is dignified and anyone who work earns a fair day wage in the eyes of the Divine One. Those who claim to work but exploit it for own motives or abuse others in the process do not earn a fair day wage - no matter his or her pay check comes in many zeros - they are all just zeros, in the eyes of God

  4. Many use religion to further their own cause rather than let God use them. What father or mother who begets offsprings want to see them fight one another? So any one who speaks in the name of a religion and exploits others including those within the group cannot be acting in the name of God the Creator but rather their own selfish-selves.