Friday, November 20, 2015

Christianity here: The Fallout from CHC

Well that is quoting one of CHC members and there are thousands of them like Mr Lew. This is worrying isn't it? Yet those who know are not surprised. Such brain washing happen to all religions. It is particularly severe and dangerous with Islam at the moment when you see where Whahhabism has taken some of them, and by some we are talking millions since the religion has more than a billion believers.

It is time to forget about the CHC leaders, focus on its remaining members instead.

"...because I believe in what God is doing in our church."

Many of us outside CHC would think Mr. Lew is deluded and the few thousands with him. However my other worry pales in comparison to the many Mr. Lews. I am more disturbed by the local Christian leaders here. Why don't I see them publicly disapproving of what Kong Hee and his gang had done? Don't they realize this is going to turn off and away so many from the faith? I think their priorities are warped. The result is we will have many Christians who eventually give up on going to church. Alas, they are more enthusiastic and energetic attacking LGBTs than cleaning their own house.

Non Christians reading this should be careful not to be conned into becoming believers for the wrong reasons. Know what you are believing. The presentation of the Gospel must be transparent and honest. No China Wine subterfuge. There must be the confession and repentance of sins instead of God offering forgiveness up front without the prior step.

It is impossible to tell the saved from the unsaved in churches these days. In general people will not find Jesus in our churches. What a mess we are in. I think Kong Hee was never a believer. As such he cannot show you how to be one in the way God will accept. In my mind's eye I spot that sacrilegious China Wine again.

It will be a healthy sign if CHC membership continues to shrink because Ho Yeow Sun is the simply the next con after Kong Hee. This sort of religious influence in our society is a cancer and I wonder if there are any secular excuse we can use to fix this. We are not letting deviant Islam get away and that should inform us to nip deviant Christianity in the bud as well.


  1. Still they have supporters?? Well, these days we must get use to the "noisy minority" rather than the "silent majority". Don't get fooled

  2. I like this short piece posted on
    CHC going to become Changi Harvest Church - expect a harvest of converts to replace the attrition of people who leave the con game?

  3. So the sheep continue to worship the defrocked pastor - or is he really defrocked as he preaches as usual (even if not through his spouse or his FT mentor preacher? Have those dumb sheep ever be invited to spend a holiday in his posh villa in the states and other prosperity collections he has accumulated all this while?