Saturday, November 21, 2015

BreadTalk serves Sucker's Test

BreadTalk never apologized for its serial deceptions. Repeatedly adding insults to injuries have led to a stinking brand name which customers have avoided in droves for many lesser known bakeries.

Now BreadTalk is staging a comeback. Its character has not changed, only the clothings have. If you are still a customer you are going to pay for their new look and do but what is the benefits to you? I am going to Baker Talent and others. Stick wth BreadTalk and wait to discover how they are again taking you for a ride because its true character must eventually surface again.

Where is your apology Mr. Quek? But alas the time for that had come and gone.

Update: Nov 22 10:10am

I am hopeful that many will not fall for this Bread Talk scam. If what Y.P. Lim said about his prices are through then I think Mr. Quek had lost touch with his customers completely because his bakery chain is clearly positioned to reach most wage earners here. At this time with cost of living rising rapidly, people are sensitive to prices.


  1. So typical - if not caught,carry on. If caught, stage an apology and then tease a bit - and just carry on.

    1. Question is will consumers forgive and forget? I think we ought to always forgive but not if the malfeasance continues. Now this is small potatoes. The bigger price is in politics. The PAP and the admin service are also watching this as well. They will draw the lessons to what degree we are willing to be suckers. After all politics is about being realistic and practical.