Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Attack on Paris: ISIS is finished

I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of ISIS. Attacking Paris with such audacity was a big mistake but for a group blinded by eschatology that was inevitable. ISIS calculations relied on gathering the world's armies against them for a final show down when their Mahdi will appear to save them from imminent defeat. There is no realism in such calculations. People ought to let God be God eh? Never force his hands because he does as he wishes. In this sense the atheists are wiser.

ISIS will not get its wish granted because they can be destroyed in a targeted manner. No gathering of huge armies, the age of the Crusades are long passed.

It is absolutely important that ISIS must not be destroyed by following their script of their end of days prophecy. This is the best way to discredit them. In this sense Obama is right not to put massive boots on the ground. Destroying their means to survive is best and I was happy to read about A10 and AC-130 gunships destroying ISIS road tankers yesterday.

The calculations is quite simple. ISIS keep pushing it without regard for the line in the sand. What saves them is the position of Assad. If the west is willing to compromise on Assad then the path to take decisive action against ISIS opens up. By attacking Paris they just did that.

The right way to annihilate ISIS is to also demolish the ideas that gave rise to them.

Update: 8:05pm

WSJ Washington Bureau Chief doesn't get it. You cannot or mustn't defeat ISIS with a script that interpreted the Quran as telling them would happen!

Some of these arrogant know it all western journalists fail to do their homework.


  1. /// In this sense the atheists are wiser. ///

    Not just in this sense - in every senses and most situations. Organized religions, like organized crimes, should be banned. They screwed people's minds.

  2. daesh please