Monday, October 19, 2015

Trend of childlessness in SG

This problem continues to defy solutions. I think we are not ready to pay the price for a solution.

There is no longer anything new, not even insight into this problem. To me a solution will come when enough people understand the consequences of not having enough children.

This is not a problem that can be solved at the level of individual families. It goes way beyond mindset to our values, priorities all the way to the meaning of life. In other words enough people have to learn the hard way that our present way of life leads to sadness. This will disabuse us of our present lifestyles and pursuits and return us to want to have children very strongly again.

There might be struggles ahead in the order of blood, sweat and tears especially if we are very late. I just hope we don't end up copying the Japanese self defeating attitude.


  1. The reason is pretty simple

    They're still children

    1. Very true, results of high altitude helicopter parenting. Shouldn't such "want to have cake and eat it" generation pay more taxes rather than those who had been dutifully procreating and contributing to the nation.

    2. "They're still children" You put it so succinctly!