Friday, October 16, 2015

Thumbs Up! Singapore Mouse

On the right is the wrong mouse (Logitech), and on the left is the right mouse (It is a PowerLogic and cost me only $13.50).

The battery for the Logitech mouse doesn't sits properly and so occasionally it will lose battery power and I have to open up that compartment and stretch the spring.

The new cheapo mouse is very light and is equipped with a Li-polymer battery which I can charge with a micro-USB cable. It charges fully in 2 hours. It is also available for use when it is being charged.

I am now using both mouse to manage the strain to my palm but I think I will eventually fire the Logitech one. They are expensive and no good. My problem is not unique either as my daughter's Logitech mouse has the same loose battery problem as well. They are just poorly built.

I just turned over the mouse to learn that this is a PowerLogic and a product of Singapore as well :-)

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