Friday, October 9, 2015

SGH Hep C outbreak: Looking good most important

I didn't have time to follow this very important public health crisis carefully. Of course the priority cannot be more different if a family member or friend is warded at SGH. Most likely I think most of us do not pay close attention to this, but it is an issue of utmost importance.

Dr. Tan Cheng Bock asked the right questions. Something like this should never have happened and also whey did they keep mum about this for months? I think these worried and courage scarce (increasingly a problem with our leaders) leaders want to mitigate this disaster before coming out. Helps them look better.

I saw this in the ST yesterday.

I won't be surprised in the end SGH confirms that multi-dose vial with an infected syringe turned out to be the cause of Hepatitis C spreading in those wards. If it weren't so it wouldn't be October that they confess but perhaps December or anytime not too far away that it becomes totally inexcusable.

If it were Dr. Lee Wei Ling in charge, we will know about this earliest practical. But smaller characters run the show at SGH. The moral of this story is with SGH you cannot simply trust them. You have to watch them and keep them honest or we will regret.


  1. The news was suppressed due to elections. Even now the Minister has shifted all blame to SGH and is only deeply concerned. That's what happens when own-self check own-self. In other countries he would have been sacked and in some countries where you have honorable men, they would have apologized, taken ownership and resigned. Here they siam..thanks to the 70%

  2. Because they siam and call themselves natural aristocrats, the 70% voted for them.

  3. Hello PengYou,

    If the culprit is multi-dose vial, as claimed by SGH. I wonder has MOH order immediate suspension of this across the country, until conclusion of the investigation? Wouldn't this be a sensible thing to do?

    What you do think? Thank you. Just curious.

    1. If I remember correctly, I heard on radio that they have since stopped using the multi-dose vial. In the first place given the experience elsewhere the reasonable procedure would be to discard both syringe and needle.