Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mutating the SG govt

ST reported an example of how the civil service have changed and is changing with the example of how the Tanglin Halt SERS was carried out. This is better than mouthing something aspirational. Now it is a matter of turning this example into a habit across the whole of government. Scholars who are keen on policy work but not the people who must live with those policies should think about switching jobs.

Coordination between different government agencies must become second nature. Makes me wonder why they didn't give this higher priority before. Then I realized what happened when the PM sometime back in passing let on that sometimes ministers "compete" to out perform each other. Isn't this just like the silos outcome in our GLCs? This is the bad turf mentality but also the reality across the world. Others can live with it but we mustn't. Instead we must have this software which other cannot copy and install over their systems.

So now we have coordinating ministers whose task must not just be to coordinate successfully but create that culture of coordination.

Post GE 2011 regardless of GE 2015 looks like they have a game plan that goes well beyond a GE.

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