Friday, October 16, 2015

May be try Uber eh?

I almost never ride the cabs here unless it is to and from the airport. Usually the trip to Changi is pleasant but from the airport to home is almost always much less so. Never understood and never bother to find out why the cab drivers are so unhappy going the opposite direction, and it is not like I live near the airport.

Now I have become curious about Uber. This article from The Middle Ground is a good introduction to why I should try them sometime. Especially when friend recently returned from San Francisco told me Uber service there was excellent and the price right. Remember once we took the cab from SFO to Fisherman's Wharf late at night. We were tired from the long plane trip and last thing in the world the cab driver wanted to bargain with me over his tip!

Looks like traditional taxi services services deserve to be dis-intermediated and out-competed.

Now I wonder what the new Transport Minister would do. Doesn't make sense to fall on the side of old style taxi companies. Look, who are the customers here?

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