Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Long Live City Harvest Church?

If this is typical reaction of CHC members then I think the church will survive. In fact it might even continue to do well depending on the quality of charismatic leadership. Of course this has nothing to do with true faith or spirituality. It is closer to Karl Marx's observation of opiate religion.

Outsiders will think CHC members are gullible and brainwashed. Well bear in mind they have their right to act as they saw fit as long as they do not develop a seditious mindset. A close friend of Kong Hee, Phil Pringle has already styled our government as Satanic. Who knows what is coming next from them? With enough time the unimaginable can happen. If members are gullible enough they can be turned against the government too. As always it begins with giving away your time, followed by money. Some religionists are already abusing Islam for this and watch how difficult it is for that faith to fix the problem.

Meanwhile what Singapore society and the government must do is consider how to make it really difficult for them to get new members. Our worry is how would the Protestant Christians community react? Are they with Kong Hee? If so, we have a nutty problem. Look at those senior clergymen laying hands on Sun Ho. What is their influence in Christian circles?

We must never allow the Christians to see Kong Hee to be a martyr of sorts by defending the rightness of the courts decision. I do not worry over the other five, he is the one that is most dangerous, unrepentant and should be locked away for a long time. He must never be perceived by his congregation to be going to jail obeying God's laws but was unfortunate to have broken man's laws.

Update: 8:15pm

I completely anticipated this. Do you expect Kong Hee to live down by confessing his guilt? Unless the entire church desert him that is never going to happen. Don't waste your time. The way to break this guy is to draw away the majority of his congregation. Whittle it down to only hundreds until it makes no business sense.

Reputation is more important than life to someone like him and he is not even facing capital punishment.

Mothership article is better than any of the MSM.

My dear, this ain't going to happen. If you expect an apology you have completely misunderstood their mindset. These self deceived types still believe they are servants of the Most High.

To me Kong Hee is on the verge of history, what is worrying are the other pastors from the various churches. Why didn't they stand and be counted that Kong Hee had done wrong?

It is all about wealth and power isn't it? Fear that the Commissioner of Charities will tighten financial governance? With their hands tied it is harder to be successful using worldly methods (like CHC Crossover project) to grow their congregation and so their tithe base eh?

So they are using a pastor beyond Singapore to demonize the government? Trying to instigate the congregations that the churches are under attack by the authorities?

I think we need to nip this problem in the bud quickly before it becomes impossible.


  1. looks like a cult to me - followers are sheep but some think they are smart because they exploit their stay therein for own agendas - no doubt, business driven. If there is any "holy spirit infusion" the discerning mind will clearly tell one that this is nothing to do with religion but just another club

  2. Well, some did come to their senses.
    Do have a look at this - utterly compelling !!!

    1. Thanks JG, I think her blog post has gone viral. Received it from so many people and that is great!

  3. But many will still stay because they have unfinished business "deals" - to them the church is a better place to pay membership fee than the secular club I guess

  4. haha. thats why i choose to be a atheist, and a very strict one.

  5. At least an atheist cannot claim that God has told him or her to fleece the dumb sheep followers