Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kong Hee says sorry to con-ready members

Incredible they still manage to keep 17,000 members with them, but I shouldn't be surprised. We have a religion gene in us, some more so than others. This was a con-ready congregation. No rules could have be enacted to prevent them from personally contributing to their legal defense funds which likely exceeded $10 million. Chew Eng Han left the church and without the funding had to defend himself. He is the most repentant of the lot, but not enough.

This is a very expensive "I am sorry" which meant nothing.

The con job continues with CHC 2.0 The business was simply minting cash too well to give up.

Still waiting for the leaders of other churches to stand up and condemn him. To publicly make a stand they will never run their churches like Kong Hee had and will continue to do by stealth.

Actually I am not waiting because I don't think that is coming. That is why these two last paras were inserted later. So always be suspicious if you must stay with a church. Pastors are often far more human than spiritual. Ditto for Buddhist monks, Muslim leaders, Hindu priests etc, All the religions share this weakness.

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  1. seen enough of his likes in the US. They fleece the dumb sheep followers and then do all the crying and sorry and then use the excuse that as fellow christians we should forgive each other. But the monies - and if they aren't caught ... ???