Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Khaw's first MRT breakdown

This is news but it is no surprise. The new Transport Minister had already told us to expect this. Even if he didn't say so, we already know but it mattered that he did say so. He is a far more savvy politician than his honest to goodness predecessor. When dealing with the public you need the political chops to succeed. Basically Khaw Boon Wan had asked us to be patient and reasonable as he gets used to this new pair of shoes. Except for the persistent anti-PAP types, I think he will succeed.


  1. Just wondering why Khaw sees the need to have exercise to test train disruption. I mean the trains break down so frequently - should they have enough real-life instances to deal with and hone their disruption-coping skills instead of having fake and anticipated exercises so that they can wayang to their bosses with good results.

  2. typo -- shouldn't they have enough...

    1. My guess is like they have other exercises for fire, terrorists attacks, special ops missions etc., because unless you create your "wind tunnel" you cannot get it right. When the real event happen people are running around like headless chickens or lost. Nobody is in the frame of mind to learn but solve the problem.