Thursday, October 15, 2015

Khaw Boon Wan savvy about train issues

Khaw Boon Wan surely picked up the smart things to do really quickly. In fact no new ideas are needed for our rail issues. It is just a question of selecting the smartest suggestions commuters have surface in the last few years. All bus rides free during major rail disruptions? I heard that more than once on radio.

A picture of his predecessor is invariably him standing alone in the train or bus looking solemn. KBW is savvier. Look at the photo of him connecting with a commuter and not just any commuter. This chap has a clearer idea on how to communicate with the public and manage expectations. If he keeps this up there will be no calls for Hara Kiri.

Why was the LTA director of public transport security standing so far away? You are protecting people ahead of assets you know. He ought to have been talking to the commuter as well.

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  1. KBW has so far been successful in loosening government purse string to make our lives better. Look how he ramped up hospital beds and flats and at the same time kept expectation low.