Tuesday, October 6, 2015

From Strategic Foresight to the TPP

Late last night I learned that the TPP is now a success. For a long time I thought it was a very long shot but our security depended so much on it.

Yesterday I read the speech Kissinger gave in honor of the late LKY. I see, already decades ago LKY foresaw what might come and fashion over all these time to entrench America in Asia. In this way all of us benefit.

I still recall him publicly ruing about the US having to leave Subic bay and Clark airbase in the Philippines. Had those bases remain, the situation in our corner of the world would be more secure for us.

But my late father had also told me as China rises weaker neighboring states automatically have tributary status. The Chinese doesn't plan this, it will just happen because that would be how the Chinese will treat others simply because they don't know any other way.

The difficulty was never the Chinese bit but the US one. How to keep them staying here and looking at all that had happened there was never a guarantee that we could pull this off. The working of the US two houses are as mysterious and unpredictable as ever.

Who will fathom the next 50 years for Singapore to SG100?

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  1. I'm happy your evil wishes and dreams following what the British dog said and believed, all fell flat on the face. That's hilarious and yes I gloat.