Thursday, October 15, 2015

Farewell Dr. Miranda Yap

Good bye Dr. Yap, RIP.

I check this blog since this is what this blog was meant to do - she had a brain aneurysm in 2012, almost three years ago.

Update: Oct 17 8:50 am

ST has a story on her this morning. Perhaps now is the right time to record something about her. Strictly I needn't need to because I have not forgotten after all these years.

She was the only lecturer in our four years at NUS that invited the whole class to her house. I have a group photo of that occasion too.

She was the teacher who never allow you to feel stupid because she wasn't afraid to make mistakes or try to look good in front of us. I still recall her confused and laughing as she tried to figure out the models of molecules in her hands explaining their structural significance. Unlike some of my professors she never came across as brilliant but those who twinkle with brilliance never achieved as much as her. No comparison. Action speaks louder than words. I could ask her any silly question. There were some professors you decide it is better to ask a better student for help than them.

Once I asked a professor a really profound question but he was too one-tracked mind despite his brilliance to understand. You need more than brains to excel at research and a lot of people skills to herd tigers.

It is a small world. Her husband taught my good friend and ex colleague in NTU. He has kept a blog of his journey caring for her over the last few years.

Update: Dec 7 4:35 pm

In the ST today. I can just summarized what this story is all about in one line: She always loved.

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  1. She was dedicated to her vocation. May her soul rest in peace