Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Driverless Vehicles definitely coming

I remember clearly Khaw Boon Wan talking about self driving vehicles sometime back. That stuck with me because I am among those who are very enthusiastic about this. I look forward to not owning a car.

From the public policy perspective, this is a real boon. No wonder the government is spending big bucks on this.

Each time I study a financial or economic crisis, I see world leaders at best only try to attempt partial solutions. Most time they kick the can down the street. Then I told myself throughout history societies simply wait for technology to solve their problems. Any other way caused too much pain. In fact without advancing technology, democracy would never work. Who is mad enough to vote for austerity much less suffering. A successful democracy and an strong technological capabilities go hand in hand.

If we are wildly successful (not reason why not) using AVs (autonomous vehicles) in public transport, I think making it available for private-public use is only an easy step away. I bet Uber would have a ready solution to make this a breeze at that time.

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