Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cold Storage not removing APP products?

Where is Cold Storage among the supermarket chains removing APP products from their shelves? On our end we are stopping purchase of all APP paper products. We will also not be shopping at Cold Storage. Most important we will go about this with common sense, that is we will not make it painful for ourselves unnecessarily, not yet and I hope never need to. 

A partial boycott is most effective if everyone of us do it. The idea is not giving them total pain but enough to hurt and make them behave in ways acceptable to us. 

The Indonesians must reform. If they think they can go about burning their forests indefinitely they are sorely mistaken. This will worsen from a issue between neighbors into a global one. If they choose to be treated and then suffer as pariah that is up to them. There are no good endings for behaving stupidly. We will be adversely affected but we adapt and survive. Let's hope we needn't go too far for everyone to learn their lessons. 

The wise foresee and adjust course but fools love to learn the hard way. That pretty much describe Indonesia. Now they want to control the air space that we have been overseeing when they cannot even make sure their planes do not fall from the sky. 

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