Wednesday, October 21, 2015

City Harvest Church: Protecting the Business

I think the public expected this. For me now that it is nearing the end,  I wished this nightmare never happened. Does nothing for Christianity especially the mega churches which have plenty of potential to do much good.

Here is a crazy pastor Phil Pringle, purportedly pastor to Khong Hee. He comes across fully dressed in a colonial attitude. I think his country has got a lot to learn from us, and please to do not use God's name in vain. There are severe consequences for that sin.

See Mothership article on this friend of the Devil. What to do? I have to decide if our criminal justice system is not a product of Satan, the accuser (Satan is one who accuses) must be.

Why did Phil Pringle do that? Business of course, what else? He is trying to protect his religious investments. He doesn't care what people outside the church think. What he needs to do is minimize the people leaving his church.

Update: October 21 2:10pm

Naturally. Just protecting the business and their reputations among the clueless sheep.

Update: October 21 8pm

Take note of these folks who didn't think the six had done anything wrong. I think if you are not a sucker and have sound judgement, you ought to go find yourself another church.

I know one of them in the photo. Canon James Wong as a chaplain of SAJC long ago and he had also mentored the teenage Kong Hee. What a shame.

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