Sunday, October 4, 2015

Calling out stupid: Threatening SG water supply

See TodayOnline article.

This is not about Malaysia throttling the water to Singapore. It is much farther away in Nepal which is facing dire shortages of fuel with waiting time to fill your tank much longer than we had to wait to pass LKY's casket.

India is not happy with the changes Nepalese lawmakers are enacting to their Constitution. So just curtail fuel and food shipment which Nepal import from India. Teach them a lesson. This could very well have happened to our water supply if we had been weak, and we would have returned to Malaysia on their terms long ago as second class citizens.

I had called somebody here stupid and I am posting this to explain why that label is not off the mark. On the other hand I wouldn't have bothered if such a news story wasn't conveniently available.


  1. Just bcos India blockades Nepal and Israel blockades Gaza does not mean it is not war crime. Your extrapolation is that bcos others do it, Msia will.

    Just to remind you that if Msia, or even Indonesia, wants to make life difficult for us, all they need is to tighten the procedures for aircraft and seacraft entering or leaving Sg. It is so much easier to do that than Msia cutting off water supply or Indo cutting their gas to us.

    All aircraft and seacraft entering Sg will somehow or the other cross Msia and/Indo air or seaspace. If they were to tighten the procedure in the guise of controlling terror, and put a high admin cost, we are gone. So what if we have the world's busiest port or best airport? The fact that they have been generous in allowing us an easy passage shows there is no ill intent between us and them.

    Lastly, you can delete my comment if you wish. It would just go to show your childish side. I have saved a screenshot anyway.

  2. It is silly to think we have the busiest port and become successful owing to their generosity! Think for a moment why massive oil storage terminal/ port built at southern Johor, duh. The easy passage is due to us being able to exact a huge cost from them if we are left with no choice.

  3. You read it wrong. I did not say our success is due to their generosity. Of course it is our hard work. I implied that bcos they had been generous with their air sea space, allowing free and easy access, our port and airport are a success. They have a right to put heavy tariffs, stringent checks and admin cost in the hypocritical name of "war on terror", you know. But they didn't.

    So while, there's talk about hostile feelings, it is all wayang. There's nothing to ghost hunt. They are not out to make us extinct.