Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bersih 4: Bilahari Kausikan reckless show off

Bilahari Kausikan appeared on my radar years back when he made some ill advised remarks about killing senior citizens as a policy option answering a question in ACJC. To me he is the most arrogant permanent secretary. Even Kishore Mahbubani isn't his match.

I agree with his analysis in the op-end, "Singapore is not island" which started a firestorm of exchange between him and the DAP MPs. I learned nothing new from him. I am fairly convinced that those who might have benefited from that article most likely did not read it and those who read only to discover they already knew learned those hard facts of life many times over before. So I don't know why he even bothered except like many senior civil servants he is just another one who is out of touch with Singapore's society. He should go to Inderjit Singh for lessons but I guess he is too proud to do that.

Unable to match Bilahari tumescent language Tony Pua far more modest in language ability had resorted to calling us a "mercenary prick". Again nothing new here. It is just an intemperate way to declare they have no confidence competing against us successfully, otherwise the most delicious response is simply to win. Not if we can help it, after so many years of separation the Malaysians are just too discouraged.

The irony of it all is that the DAP ideology is so similar to the PAP but I cannot say the same if the talent benches were compared.

Bersish 4.0 is not about race but the other side has turned it into a racial issue in order to muster the support of Malays. This is Malaysia and all roads lead to race eventually. If you don't want to get there remember to hop off the bus in time. If you want to fix Najib, it is much wiser to let the Malays do it because you will not be rewarded but severely punished for such acts.

As for Bilahari he is brilliant but his usefulness is limited because he is such a show off. At the end of the day what have we gained from this public spat? Speak for yourself Bilahari Kausikan. Don't claim to be speaking for Singaporeans. Malaysia would be Malaysia and we are price takers. Even if you stop talking, writing and begin praying you have no power to influence future outcomes across the Causeway.

Update: 11:15pm

I quote the wise chairman of the PSC Eddie Teo from his speech given on September 24 in Melbourne.

How Eddie Teo had said and now printed in the ST is good enough and will be picked up by far more readers than Bilahari's op-ed because people are more interested in PSC scholars than foreign affairs.

Unless we have the equivalent of the poor names christened on Indonesian warships, we must take care not to over react. We thank the Indonesians for showing us beneath the veneer of a warm friendship what they truly are. We took the opportunity to educate our young thoroughly on that evil chapter of our bilateral relations which at other times were tricky to teach our young. Come on, we are all pretending to be friends for mutual benefits.

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