Wednesday, September 2, 2015

YouTube Clip on Chee Soon Juan's family

I sat through 18 mins of this and what a beautiful family this is. Of course you can't fail to recognize that life hadn't been easy for them either.

There are many sides to a person. The PAP will paint Dr. Chee black with the happenings in the past. It is up to Dr. Chee how he wants to respond and persuade voters to back him.

Anyway materially they may not be well off but in every other way they are blessed and that is what make them stand out and how they would like to remember and cherish themselves. We are just busybodies.

This guy never gives up and he is absolutely fortunate his family stood by him all these years. Now who is Chee Soon Juan? Whoever and whatever, I need to find out as best as possible. Overall we are better off because some of them were willing to stand on the other side and give us a choice.

Update: 8:50pm

A former classmate just posted this on his Facebook wall. I know Five Stars and Moon is a PAP friendly site.  Now that Dr. Chee is standing for elections, I am sure there will be lots of info about him resurfacing and refreshing about memories regarding the relevant historical facts. We shall see.


  1. This a nice video clip but I am sure that for the other candidates, whether they are from PAP or any of the opposition parties, there will be also be nice video clips which show how they love and relate with their loved ones, thus humanising them.

    Lee Kuan Yuan was well respected, stern and a perfectionist who stood no nonsense, suffered no fools and who as stated by some was ruthless who would tear down and destroy his political opponents. But what we saw in the many reminisces by ex colleagues, family members and even employees after his death was a man who loved his family to the core, especially his wife, and who was respectful to people and one who made sure he stuck to proper protocol paying due respect to Goh Chok Tong who succeeded him even though he still commanded respect and honour from Sporeans above GCT anytime.

    So each one of us has the good and bad. This video clip may portray or humanise Chee Soon Juan but in voting, we have to put aside this and ask relevant questions like: what can this man or woman do for Singapore, is s/he sincere in wanting to do good for Singapore and its people or is s/he serving for her/himself, feeding his/her ego and is hungry for power? S/he may be a very loving spouse but that is not key as long as s/he is responsible to his family and not spouse/child abusers.

  2. but too bad dont think he will go far. In my opinion, this man has expired his usefulness in the political scene. And some more he is getting old for a politician already. LTK at his age now had more accomplishment. Even there is a growing section of SDP supporters who want him out and renew the party.

  3. So even if Chee ousted Chiam, it is nothing compared to how Lee ousted Lim and many others. Not only did he oust them he locked them away. Remember history and lets not forget the past and just sing praises without knowing the truth.