Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My spending differs from CPI trend

It wasn't very long ago that Set B was $5.70 then it became $6.10 and soon after it jumped to $6.40.

Just as well I don't have Tori Q that often. KFC prices have also gone up too. A medium whipped potato that the daughter is fond of has gone up 20 cents to $3.10

So much for headline CPI numbers suggesting disinflation. I wonder how many live that life and if the majority have my sort of spending. I haven't discuss the prices at the coffee shop and hawker centre. Without a picture to use those stories are not so interesting to tell. Prices have also gone up!


  1. statistics - lies, lies, damned lies

  2. haha good point. actually your pictures concurs with the cpi report just released recently. the report didnt say food price decrease. in fact, it did say that food price has increased slightly. the item price which are down, and in turn drag down the whole cpi as a composite index are housing rental and transport.

    Anyway, the cpi is down but not yet price stagnation or shows that prices has increased much more slowly only.