Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lee Hsien Yang: Grant my father his last wish

Lee Hsien Yang was very eloquent persuading Singaporeans to grant LKY his wishes to have his house demolished. I wonder if any can be more eloquent than that.

This is a shrewd family and I can sense the outline of their plan and they are really trying the best to have LKY last wish carried out.

Remember, "He did not ask many things of Singaporeans.." a very nicely put way of saying the unspoken, "look at how much we owed him!" How could you say no to something as basic as his will over his own abode.

The Oxley house if it remains would become a distraction to what is truly important. It would be like those who have forgotten their God, praying to its idol image than to the true power behind that representation.


  1. frankly pengyu, i can remember him, emotionally, without anyone even uttering his initials. but i believe my adult kids will cherish the deeds of an online hero more. my grandchild? i cant imagine. so each elder generation is supposed to explain meaning of lky? with what? anyway, short of the real thing, i hope they can make a virtual walk through video of oxley at least, like my recent visit to a condo from my bed.

    1. Yep, you are right about remembering him emotionally and that cannot be transmitted to subsequent generations. Also may be it is not a good idea to preserve too much either. Some things should be left ambiguous for future generations to interpret and adapt so that they can be even more useful. I think the founding fathers memorial park must be very carefully thought out. Also future leaders must interpret LKY usefully for us like it is common for US Presidents to read up on Lincoln and even go to his office, sit down and ruminate.