Sunday, September 13, 2015

GE 2015: More than WP has no money

The WP MPs in the picture were probably riding in a loaned pick up. On other hand the PAP came by this morning in Hippo buses. My children told me about it, I didn't bother to go to the window to look. What's the attraction especially when I have so many things to do.

Foreign workers ferried to work in vehicles like this must have been amused, especially the cleaning workers in AHPETC (to be AHTC soon eh) seeing their top bosses humility.

However I think in 2015 such humility no longer attracts. The focus has always been on the PAP. The Opposition including WP never understood it was what the PAP had done or failed to do which caused voters to turn to them. As long the the PAP succeeds at removing those excuses, voters will naturally return to the PAP. This is as basic as parents failing to give enough attention to their children, who then turned to others to fill that void. If the parents act quickly before the kids strengthen their bonds with lesser alternatives, the family situation will be restored.

The WP mistook their die hard fans to be representative of many voters. Tens of thousands must multiply by a factor of at least then before that can count as true. Likewise the poor turnout at PAP rallies also suggested that voters do not buy brands but performance. Consider how Filipinos vote, we do the opposite; unemotional, thoughtful, careful and realistic.

I said so speaking for myself. What I can't tell and didn't bother to find out is how many also feel the same. Unlike 2011, I don't have many people complaining to me about the PAP. In fact I have to go online to read about them.

So WP must not complain that they were disadvantaged underdogs. The PAP earlier failure presented them with a golden opportunity which the failed to capitalize. Had they performed, municipal accounting issues wouldn't have mattered. For everyone who felt that WP lacks integrity probably another one could be found for feeling angry because he strongly suspect the PAP were fixing them.

To win the right to govern Singapore, one must overcome the greatest odds because once in office they will realize the challenges are as great or even greater. For all our sake we cannot make it easier for the Opposition. This is just a hard truth for us. Sylvia Lim responding to the media has simply failed to draw the right lessons from their razor thin victory.

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  1. From 2011, WP has proven that they are a dud, from lousy house keeping duties to silent MPs in parliament.I voted for them the last GE and very disappointed with them. Lawrence Lien as an NMP did a better job than all 5 of them combined. I am half suspecting the 15k allowance is keeping a handful of them very complacent. Now more dirt will be dug up with the transferring of accounts of PE to the PAP.