Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GE 2015: Lawrence Wong says it need not be white

Truly looks like the PAP is campaigning differently from any time in the past.

On a televised debate which I had not time for last night, Lawrence Wong suggested may the best person get into parliament. Such people need not come from the PAP. This is a departure from the past. Then they believed PAP had the best and all others were inferior to them.

The talent pool in Singapore has grown much bigger and it was only a matter of time some good people who thought differently from the PAP and want to offer themselves as alternatives. This is good.

Of course Lawrence Wong also took the opportunity to reopen Dr. Chee past especially with respect to him going before the Select Committee but this is not what I am as interested in. Dr. Chee needn't need to explain himself to Lawrence Wong but he has to do that to us voters. He could do that anytime before we cast our votes. Never mind if anyone feels Steve Chia could have given him more airtime. That was only September 1. Many more days yet to tell your story.

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