Friday, September 18, 2015

Fleeting ecumenical thoughts

Just saw this by Tan Cheng Bock and I was thinking to myself, doubtful the Christian community here have the self confidence to do something equivalent with another faith. Nevertheless one church had: New Creation Church (NCC), even as far back as 2013.

They sang a duet together, Christian and Taoist leaders.

I didn't know until the PM at JDOP said in his speech is going to attend another function hosted by NCC and the Taoist Federation at the Star Performing Arts Theatre. PM must be dropping a bomb size hint of what he hope to see among more Christians eh?

Putting one and one together, I think NCC isn't part of Lawrence Khong's Love Singapore. NCC is far more ecumenical.

Update: 10:35pm

Found the useful Part 1


  1. Don't expect an Apostle to see the Light.

  2. You have seen the Light, pengyou LOL