Monday, September 28, 2015

First Singapore Savings Bonds

$1.2 billion worth of bonds were offered to the public but in the end only $413 million were taken up. What a shame. I had hoped people had shown more return/risk cleverness and picked up everything. The very rich would have happily put some of their cash in this if there were no $100K limit. This is way too small to interest them. As for the common man, this is really a gift and they just don't get it or perhaps even know about it. Then there must be many financial advisers which would discourage them. The ordinary guy is so vulnerable in
after himself financially.

Update: Sep 29 9:15pm

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  1. It is saddening indeed. The common citizen somehow does not know when a helping hand is being extended. Instead they think they are smart enough to "game the markets" with all the "wise advices" from the advisers and brokers.