Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disability Sensitivity Training

There are many things on my mind right now and I don't feel the best after a horrid call to OCBC Card Centre. Looks like they are only tolerating this part of the bank's business. I have noticed they have been paying less and less attention to such businesses and giving it away to other banks. Let's just summarize and stop here that I had a bad and stupid encounter with them on the phone. They had insisted on me activating my card when online when in reality the bank haven't even mail me the cards (I only learned that on that call). Meanwhile I can't see how much I owe them and pay my bill which I regularly do this time every month. Now to the reason for this blog when I need to be doing so many other things.

People come first. I just got this from my sis and I know if I KIV it, I will never make time for this.

The clip was kind of cute but I won't remember much of it except the awkward beginning. My only take away is disabled people are first and foremost people. When in doubt just ask like you would ask any normal person. So I will not just ask but specifically how they want me to help. More likely I would say I would like to help but please tell me if there is a better way.

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