Friday, September 25, 2015

Added two Galaxy Tab 3V

Finally picked up from Samsung at Marina Square yesterday two Galaxy Tab 3V tablets. They are freebies from buying two S6 for the children.

We have too many hand held gadgets at home!

5 iPads
2 iPhones
3 Galaxy S3s
2 Galaxy S6s
1 Galaxy Note 4
1 Asus ZenFone 6
1 Asus Memopad 7
2 Galaxy Tab S 10.5
1 Galaxy Tab S 8.4
1 iTouch
1 Kindle Fire
3 Kindles
3 Kobo readers

and now 2 Galaxy Tab 3Vs making a total of 28 functioning devices. More if I add those that are no longer working. I think this is crazy but I also have this nagging feeling we aren't exceptional. No wonder the makers are having a really hard time selling Tablets.


  1. Hi sir, am keen to get for myself a simple Kindle just for reading.

    Is it possible to purchase Kindle books in Singapore without jumping through hoops? Thanks!

    1. I am sorry, if you are doing this from Singapore you will have to present yourself as American to Amazon to buy Kindles books from them. The way to do this is to use a VPN with a US IP address. There is another more convenient way but only for those who are American and living here. They need to show proof of identity to Amazon.

    2. Thank you, sir, for your reply. Sigh, indeed a bummer for Singaporean readers.